Gallery 1:  36 different perspectives

Gallery 1 features Greg’s most recent work created over May to June 2015 on road trip from Sydney to the Whitsundays. The series features the iconic and the unknown, from Sydney's Lunar Park to an abandoned tennis court in central Queensland. They are photomontages, each one composed of 36 photographs Greg has shot from 36 different perspectives of the one subject.

He has chosen subjects that are often already quite minimal in their form but then digitally manipulates them, vividly saturating the colours to heighten each other’s effect. At the same time he also crops and strips back the composition down to its very bare essentials. 

With the subject’s form, line and colour highlighted, each individual photograph is then meticulously laid out in a grid pattern to create the final, highly stylised geometric abstract work.

Greg responds to the physical world but looks at it with his artistic influences and modernist aesthetic, informing him to what to shoot. With a love of modernist architecture many Sydney buildings feature in his latest body of work including Harry Seidler’s Australia Square (1967), Joern Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, and Ken Woolley’s Fisher Library (1962).

 Nature also often plays a part in many of his works, especially trees, which are often shot looking up through the branches to the sky above such as in Sheoks or at the form and colour of a tree’s canopy against the brilliance of a cloudless blue sky as in Where the trees touch the sky.  

The work of many Australian artists have also influenced Greg’s latest series including the constructions of Rosalie Gascoigne, as can be seen in greg’s Kings Cross sign and Korean billboard and the iconic photographs of modernist photographers Max Dupain and Olive Cotton. greg’s Ramikans ballet is modeled on Olive Cotton’s Tea cup ballet (1935) and his Australia Square, 2015 was shot in the exact location where Max Dupain shot his photograph Australia Square, 1968.

Gallery 2:  A stillness of life

Gallery 2 features work shot in Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong in 2014.  

In describing the creation of this work Greg writes, 

"I love to get out and walk the streets of a city and discover the unexpected.  Everyday life offers itself up as a paradox, both ordinary and extraordinary. I am attracted to things for their colour, the setting and the scene unfolding in front of me. Scenes that are of the everyday but to me are like scenes from a play or film. 

I then alter the image adding a layer of theatricality through saturating the colour and stylizing the composition. Vivid colours, which heighten each other’s effect, then become central to the work. 

Everyday, ordinary moments that are elevated into something else, something beautiful, colorful, a stillness, a glimpse of someone’s else’s life somewhere else in the world."